Investment Plans

Rental Express LTD is constantly looking for and attracting new customers who need to send any goods: documents, packages, parcels...
To deliver all this cargo, there is a pool of third-party checked couriers and vehicles that are hired in the form of outsourcing as needed.
Investments are necessary in order to hire couriers and transport with 80% prepayment. Such a prepayment model guarantees excellent quality of service and timely delivery.

Upon completion of the delivery of the goods, customers are calculated and thus cover investments with the profits of investors and the company.


Our financial advisors have developed unique and profitable plans, among which you will certainly find those that will be interested for you.

% 104 10 days
Limit USD: from $15
Term of investment: 10 days
Withdrawal: Manually

Return deposit: Yes

Payout after plan expire
up to % 3.2 day
Limit USD: from $50
Term of investment: 60 days
Withdrawal: Manually

Return deposit: No

7 days per week earning
% 28 weekly
Limit USD: from $100
Term of investment: 5 weeks
Withdrawal: Manually

Return deposit: No

Weekly payouts

Delivery by courier parcels is carried out up to 10 days. Investing in the delivery of a courier 100 USD, 10 days later you will receive 104 USD. Profits can be taken at the end of delivery. Withdrawal within 48 hours.

Delivery of parcels by a van is carried out within 60 days. By investing in vans 100 USD, you will receive up to 3.2% per day for 60 days. At weekends and holidays the profit will be 1%. Profits can be taken every day. Withdrawal within 48 hours.

Delivery of consignment for long distances is carried out within 5 weeks maximum. By investing $ 100, every week you will receive $ 28 within 5 weeks. Profits can be taken every day. Withdrawal within 48 hours.

Be a part of a big business!

Status of investor

Increase your STATUS as an investor by complete the following tasks:

1. Beginner investor:
- Invest in 10 Courier parcels.
- Invite 3 partners who will buy one package in any plan.
- Leave your feedback on the popular investment forums.

2. Experienced investor:
- Invest in 10 Van parcels.
- Invite 4 partners who will invest in 10 parcels each.
- Record a video review about our company.

3. Co-owner:
- Invest in 10 parcels of Truck parcels.
- Invite 5 partners who invest in 15 parcels each.
- Get a certificate of co-owner and post it in popular social networks.

All partners and their purchases are summarized and available for the next task.

Increase of PROFIT in all types of shipments:

1. Beginner investor:
Courier +0.5% (Total profit: 104.5%)
Van +0.3% (Total profit: 56.3%)
Truck + 0.15% (Percent of plan: 28.15%)

2. Experienced investor:
Courier +0.75% (Total profit: 105.25%)
Van +0.4% (Total profit: 56.7%)
Truck + 0.25% (Percent of plan: 28.4%)

3. Co-owner:
Courier +1% (Total profit: 106.25%)
Van +0.7% (Total profit: 57.4%)
Truck + 0.5% (Percent of plan: 28.9%)

The interest rate of the new status is added to the interest rate of the previous status of the investor.

How it works?

The first thing you have to do to start investing is register your personal account. It's fast, easy and free. In order to register your free account please visit the registration page. You have to fill in the registration form or login via social network. We require you to provide information such as your full name, username, email and password.

In order to make your first investment you need to login into your RentEx account and click on INVEST menu link. Then you will be able to make an investment from different payment options, such as AdvCash and BitCoin. You can start investing with any amount from 10 USD up to 100,000 USD. On page MY INVESTMENTS you'll be able to see your investment portfolio.

Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy how your profit grows on a daily basis. Your daily profit will be added to your account balance in every 48 hours, you don't have to do anything as it will be done automatically for you. After it's added to your account balance, choice is yours - you can either withdraw it (money will be paid only on business days), or use it for reinvesting to earn even more from your investment.

All earnings and profit will be paid within 48 hours only on business days. Please note that you can withdraw funds only in the same currency as you invested, for example if you invest via BitCoin, you will be able to withdraw only via Bitcoin. Also if you receive affiliate commission via Bitcoin, you will be able it withdraw to the same e-currency.

Do you want to get more profit from your investments? Complete the tasks and get a new investor status and earn more profit!

After you became an investor of our company and started to make a profit, we offer you special terms of the affiliate program. You can get read about it on Affiliate page.

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