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Rental Express Ltd (RentEx) - a logistics company that provides a wide range of services in the field of transportation and customs clearance. We provide strategic supply chain management, acting as an effective tool to increase the competitiveness of our customers.

Choosing a logistics provider, you also choose people, system and culture of values of this organization. You must be sure that all these elements are in the right balance and meet your expectations.

Reduce costs, minimize foreign economic risks and increase the efficiency of exports and imports - the main goals for which the outsourcing of the company RentEx is focused. This is due to the following:

- a constant change in the regulatory and legal framework of foreign trade transactions;
- instability in the monetary and financial sphere, which causes high currency and payment risks of international transactions;
- the complexity of finding reliable suppliers of products and the system management of imported products.

Our company will assume the functions of integrated management of foreign economic operations. Complex outsourcing from RentEx will become a reliable guarantee for increasing efficiency and reducing risks for your company.

about us

Transport-logistic company RentEx offers you a range of logistics services. The employees of our company will conduct preliminary planning of your transportation, develop the necessary route and choose the most optimal method of delivery of your cargo. We control all changes in regulatory documents and will help you to avoid unnecessary time and money costs in obtaining logistics services.

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Verification of our business

  1. We have all necessary certificates of registration.
  2. You can check documents through government website.
  3. Visit to our office in London.
  4. Check availability of warehouses, vans, trucks, etc.
  5. Our company is a member of the European Logistics Association.
  6. Our company is a member of the CILT.
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